10 things you can do when visiting an elder


10~Check your judgment at the door and be open to what happens.


9~Provide direction but follow their lead .


8~Listen. Acknowledge. Show compassion, avoid sympathy.


7~Ask if they remember certain rhymes/jokes/songs/stories/etc and let their answer be ok.


6~Hold hands, look directly in eyes, be fully present.


5~Go for a walk.


4~Relax. Be at peace with the time you’re taking to be there. Get something out of it for yourself. This is a great gift when others see you are benefitting from being in their presence. Find a way to make this so.


3~Share a book, a magazine, an encyclopedia, a flyer, anything that can be read, shared and discussed/enjoyed.


2~Bring photo albums or photo books to peruse and talk about.


1~BE. You don’t have to say anything, do anything, act a certain way. Your presence alone can be a great comfort. Eliminate any pressure to perform and just be.

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