2009 Looking forward? Try Looking Back

This time of year we hear a lot about resolutions, what’s ahead for us, how to move forward. Today I had a conversation with a dear friend and colleague, founder of Lead Your Life, LLC, Diane Krause-Stetson. She informed me that her plan for the new year was to look backward. Instead of going for the next hot concept, the myriad innovative ways people will sell us on how to create a business/have a happier life/, she’s decided to put a moratorium on finding new things.  She’s perusing her bookshelves and files and workbooks to look for the nuggets of wisdom that she may have overlooked in the past.

It’s a brilliant idea and one we don’t think of often enough.  Other than learning about brand new technology that comes along, there really isn’t a whole lot of new information out there. It’s the same ideas recycled, repackaged, retold in ways that can strike us differently depending on the day, the time, the circumstances of our lives.

Besides, the amount of information we are capable of processing at one time is finite.  You know how you see or experience something new each time you watch a movie or visit the same place? Imagine all that was overlooked the first time you read “Love is the Killer App” or “Permission Marketing”. Even reading “Lavender Ladies” will reveal something new each time.

So this new year, I’m looking back.  Back on my bookshelf, back in my video cabinet, back to my files on my hard drive to discover the gold that I passed by the first time.

I’ll let you know what I learn.  And I’ll ask Diane for her list, as well.

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