A Life Worth Living

There is a perception that many people share about nursing homes: It’s a place people go to die.

Granted, a nursing home is often the last residence many people have before their transition to what lies beyond,  however it does not have to be all gloom and doom and avoided by the family members whose presence has the potential to be more beneficial than ever before.

And when we retain the above framework, it’s no wonder we avoid our elders.  Instead of seeing this as just another developmental stage, we see it as heavy and significant.  We have feelings of regret and guilt.  We feel overburdened, not because there aren’t enough hours in a day, but because we are at a loss as to how to process and navigate through this time of life.

People, snap out of it!  It’s time for a major reframe. Get your head out of the ‘poor me’ paradigm, start taking care of yourself and learn to detach from the emotions, opinions, actions of others.  It’s the only way you can fully be there for someone, the only way you can fully engage in life.  If “detaching” and “fully engage in life” seem mutually exclusive, I invite you to examine just what it means.

When you detach from the emotions, opinions and actions of others you are 100% free to be there for them!  Resentment and feelings of obligation cannot exist in detachment.  Instead, an empowering responsibility and desire to assist emerges based on your true nature of compassion and love.

Start right now with a simple affirmation: I am a strong and powerful being who accepts things as they are, knowing the power to improve them is within me.

It may sound like a colossal leap, however with the proper understanding and progression of steps towards that end, it is not only possible, but those people who seem happy and have it together all the time will make more sense.  You’ll be one of them!  And you’ll feel excited to visit your elders and realize that this time of life is not just a holding tank to death.  It’s as precious, as vibrant and full of discovery as any other.

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