Adjusting to Life Minus Fern

As I plan my trip to Northern NY later this week for a Celebration of Gratitude for the good people at United Helpers Maplewood Campus and Hospice of NNY who loved and cared for my mother, I’m reminded of how habitual some of my behavior had become.

My intention for the past five years had been to visit my mother every two weeks. Give or take a few variations, I stuck to that schedule. As I was calculating my ETA for my upcoming trip, my mind automatically decided I would be there in time to tuck my mother in for the night……oh, never mind.

My mother’s residences (3 within those 5 years) became  make-shift offices for me so I could devote as much time as possible to her while continuing to grow my businesses.

One of the tools I came to rely on more than I’d ever imagined was my Amazon Kindle. In addition to being able to check e-mail, keep current with my reading and find material to share with my mother, it was a wonderful way for me get the oft needed rest I required on a schedule that kept me in the driver’s seat a good portion of the time. Yes, I’m one of those people who can easily nod off while reading. Of course, Kindle also offers games, so I don’t always fall asleep, I also love to entertained myself with lego sets for adults, I just love them they take me way from boredom all the time.

Seriously, though, as many people have assumed this is a “relief” for me, that could not be further from the truth.  Technology made it pretty easy to adapt my world and quite frankly, as one of her former nurses wrote when he heard she’d passed, “Fern just made life better”. Yes, Jason, she sure did. Big shoes in which we can all aspire to fill. So go forth and make life better for someone!

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