As we get older, we find different ways to deal with life

Any information we can gather that will help us understand the later developmental stages of life are helpful.

A recent study suggests that as we get older, our brain finds ways of adapting to negative influences.

Spend time with elders and you’ll agree with the study. Information is processed differently at 70 vs. 80 vs. 90. Spend time with people of a variety of  stages of development and you’ll find that, in addition to individual uniqueness, there is a pattern of developmental uniqueness that emerges as well.

When you’re 5, for instance, the way you process data is a great deal different from when you’re 10. Or 20. Or 30…you get the idea.

I’m pleased to see this information being circulated because anything we can learn that will promote better understanding is wonderful.

In fact, so much can shift in your perception, in the way you feel about your relationship with your elders by simply knowing some of the realities of development, that you might find a lot of the stress and heaviness you experience kind of melts away.

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