Big Booty

Junior, one of my friends at the nursing home, seemed to have quite a fascination for me from the very first time we met.  Although he doesn’t always recall my name (we have noted that my surname, Miller, is much like his name, Millard, but it became evident that it wasn’t my name that interested him).

He’ll say things like “Hey there, GLWB.  Do you know what that means?”  I still play the game and act like he hasn’t mentioned the acronym for “Good looking and well built” several times.  And although this could sound like the phraseology of a creepy, dirty old man, Junior is actually sweet and delightful.  Not leering or leching, he is simply attracted to me and my ample stature.

This past week, I asked my sister Sharon, who knows some of Junior’s daughters,  if perhaps Junion’s former wife was a large woman. Junior is a small man of slight build, so we were really curious as to why my 5’9″ XL frame appealed to him. Sharon decided to ask. “Junior, does Natalie remind you of someone?”  “Yes”, he said. “Hollywood”.

Hmmm.  A clue, maybe?  I began naming some actresses from his time.  “Betty Grable?” I teased.  “No”, he answered quite seriously with a look that indicated he was searching his databank for the name.

After a few more guesses it came to me like a flash.

“Do I remind you of Mae West?”

“THAT’S IT!”  His eyes light up, he smiled broadly and repeated “Hollywood!”.

So there you have it, folks. Big, voluptuous women are still in favor in some parts of the world.

How could I not love Junior?

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