Food Menu



Here are some menu ideas for a Brunch, Lucnheon or Dinner Cocktail party:

Brunch menus:

Orange juice topped with mint, creamed ham and mushrooms, waffles de luxe, maple syrup, apple butter

Sliced peaches and raspberries, choice of cereal, Canadian bacon, baked eggs with cheese sauce, brioche

Chilled honeydew melon, pan-fried sausages, fried tomatoes in cream gravy, cornmeal muffins, coffee, tea

Lunch menus:

Tomato aspic, liverwurst sandwiches, cottage cheese, meat loaf bites, deviled eggs

Egg salad sandwiches, avocado stuffed celery, cole slaw, pickles, fruit salad

Cold fried chicken, salad of mixed vegetables, bread and butter sandwiches, mincemeat turnovers, tomato juice

Dinner menus:

Creamed oysters, eggs and mushrooms, buttered rice, peas, marinated tomatoes and cucumbers, celery, heated rolls, lemon meringue tarts, mints

Pot of baked beans, frankfurters in toasted rolls, mustard pickles, salad of mixed vegetables, raisin and walnut turnovers, tray of assorted cheeses

Scallopine of veal, boiled white rice, baked pared hubbard squash, cole slaw, whole wheat bread, ice cream