Car Tassie

The story begins in January of 2010, when my friend, Tookie (rhymes with cookie) was moving from a retirement community into an assisted living home. On that same day, her 20 year old cat, who had been having some health issues for a while, was on her own voyage, to which we provided transportation. Tassie drifted into her new dimension peacefully and, so it seemed, willingly. Tookie and I spent the rest of the day together, while her daughters packed up her belongings and divided them between her new home and her new storage unit.

Tookie and I spend a couple of afternoons a week together, and as her mind floats in and out of places that remain a mystery, I’ve had to privilege of continuing our ever evolving friendship. Over the past couple of years there have been various shifts and changes, for both of us.

One of the shifts that happened soon after her relocation to her new home was how her stuffed rabbit became real, like the Velveteen Rabbit. This wasn’t just any rabbit, though, this was the rabbit that became Tassie, the cat.

The beauty of Tassie the rabbit cat, is that she can transfer her being to other objects.

This is how Car Tassie came to be.

A trio of polar bear stuffed toys that signified myself and my two daughters was given to me by another friend. Since then, I carry this family of fluff in my vehicle as my own little, loving totem.

On one of our drives, Tookie was beginning to long for Tassie, and wondered aloud if she was OK back in her room. I didn’t intend to trick or persuade her out of her concerns, however decided to introduce her to my family of animals. She quickly became enamored and christened them Car Tassie.

Since then, Car Tassie has become part of our regular routine, as Tassie the rabbit-turned-cat waits patiently at home.

(The following videos are just 22 seconds each. Notice the love and awe!)

Singing toTassie

Car Tassie

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