What if the way you related to all things in your life – people, events, circumstances – originated with you being empowered, peaceful and  loving?

We’ve dabbled with these concepts individually, we kind of go through phases.  It’s now time to put them together, and it’s where they make the most sense.  If you’re feeling in your greatness (empowered) it’s easier to see things as in the flow (peaceful) where the by-product is feeling really positive feelings about what you’re relating to (loving).

Hmmm, so how do we get there?  Luckily we live in a era where personal development is almost a requirement!  There are crate loads of systems, concepts, theories, programs, philosophies enough to satisfy anyone’s preference.  And any one of them will help you come from EPL which could also be an acronym for Everybody’s Perfect Life.

Here’s a simple tool to get you started: Self Concept Inventory  Have some fun with this one.  Do it with a friend and talk about the answers. You might be surprised to see what  emerges!

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