Grandparent’s Day? What of it?

People tend to have strong opinions about days set aside for certain celebrations (religious affiliations aside).

There are people who accept holidays that were established before they were born, like Valentine’s Day, yet renounce those established during their life’s tenure, like Grandparent’s day (formally enacted by the US Congress 1978).

Others celebrate where ever, when ever there is a holiday marker (personally, this is my preferred method of expression ;-)

Still others opt out of acknowledging any kind of holiday.

And to be realistic there are probably as many configurations of celebrants and non-celebrants as there are people!

Some of the people who fall somewhere on the continuum within the first group tend to be vocal about Grandparent’s Day as just another way to promote consumerism and commercialism. That’s the complaint I hear most. I will share my counterpoint perspective here.

Whether you “believe” in official holidays or not can have little or no bearing on how these days can serve as reminders for us. Reminders to acknowledge others for their service to the world, be it Grandparent’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day……etc.

When you take the opportunity to view life as an opportunity to serve, many things in your life shift. And from the grandparent’s I’ve talked to, there are few things as rewarding as ushering in the next generation which allows you to offer your services in a way that can profoundly enhances other’s lives.

So today, I invite you put your attention on the people in your family who have come before you and paved the way. By the very nature of their being and trailblazing, whether we agree with their chosen paths or not, they are worthy of acknowledgment.

Thanks, G-folks!

Watch the Lavender Ladies slideshow with your Grandparents and honor all the phases of their lives.

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One Response to Grandparent’s Day? What of it?

  1. Kaye Swain says:

    Hi Natalie, popped in to visit from Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use. Great article. I have to admit, I am a combination of both! I LOVE to celebrate and have fun with holidays. My grandkids and I enjoy making crafts for all sorts of holidays, from Christmas to Autumn to National Popcorn Day. :) But the ones that I did not grow up celebrating are harder for me to remember – even when I write about them at my site! Go figure! :) Then again, there have been many times when, due to illness and/or caregiving duties keeping us too busy, we would make ornaments for a regular holiday like Christmas, yet not get around to giving them – at least not til the next year. But we had so much fun making them, it makes it all worthwhile. So maybe that’s part of the way to capture AND share the “magic” – just spending the time with those we love, having fun, making projects, and doing tiny celebrations in those quiet moments and not stressing in the “busier than all get out” moments. Then when I do forget, I can know we did celebrate it, just on a different day :) :) :)

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