Jacqueline Bigar Knows Her Stars

Honest to goodness, this was my horoscope the night I was called to my mother’s bedside, two days before she passed:

Aquarius: A must appearance is inevitable. You need to visit with a parent or older friend.

Flippin’ A!

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4 Responses to Jacqueline Bigar Knows Her Stars

  1. Natalie Gordon says:

    Ms. Bigar is often times very good but it seems she goes on a rampage from time to time against certain signs. Certain signs keep getting two stars from her, including weekend stars, monthly stars, etc. It seems there is not let up. I think she must get mad at people in her personal life and then she takes it out on their sign when it comes to doing her column. I don’t know. You just don’t tell a sign that they are going to have an awful month and things might improve midway into the NEXT month. That is insane.

  2. Natalie Gordon says:

    So sorry about the typo. Sometimes I cannot read her column because it is so negative. It makes me want to swallow Jonestown Kool Aid.

  3. Natalie Gordon says:

    I was wrong. Ms. Bigar was practically the only astrologer in the world to predict the twisted, unpredictable election results of Bush vs Gore. That prediction was extraordinary. So, let me back up and say, Ms. Bigar is very, very good, and I was a little rash in my former postings. Forgive me.

  4. Natalie says:

    I wasn’t familiar with the Bush vs Gore prediction, but after some of things I’ve read from her, I’m not surprised. I”m sure we could make anything apply to our situation, but when I read, retrospectively, the above guidance, I was sold!
    Thanks for posting, Natalie. Always a pleasure to meet another Natalie.

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