Most Popular Baby Names of 1919

Here is a list of the most popular names in the US for cuddly little infants in 1919 (Who are now 91).

My mom, Fern, born 9/9/1919,  came in at #176.

Good heavens, her presence is strong with me today. I can feel her gentle touch and her comforting manner. Love you, Momma Fern!

Anyway, on to the most popular baby names in the US in 1919


1 John /Mary

2 William /Helen

3 James /Dorothy

4 Robert /Margaret

5 Charles /Ruth

6 George /Mildred

7 Joseph /Virginia

8 Edward/ Elizabeth

9 Frank /Frances

10 Thomas /Anna

11 Walter /Evelyn

12 Richard /Marie

13 Harold /Alice

14 Raymond /Florence

15 Paul /Betty

16 Henry /Irene

17 Donald /Lillian

18 Albert /Doris

19 Arthur /Rose

20 Harry /Louise

21 Jack /Gladys

22 Ralph /Edna

23 Willie /Catherine

24 Howard /Ruby

25 Clarence /Martha

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