My Darling Niece

This past week, my lovely niece, Jennifer, purchased some products from Ageless-Sages for a project in which her youngest child’s preschool is engaged: A basket of developmentally appropriate gifts for an adult home.

If you haven’t yet considered reading with elders, I highly recommend it. Especially if you are reluctant, or are uncomfortable with “not knowing what to say or do”, this can relieve some of the pressure and lets you be witness to the reflection that often accompanies this time of life.

When I would visit my mother, before Ageless-Sages was a twinkle in my eye, we’d look through encyclopedias. In fact, that is part of the spark that ignited the idea for books for elders. A recognition that topics of interest be covered in a short, concise manner, that certain words or images might conjure a memory or relationship to something familiar.

Thanks Jennifer. Thanks Mom. Love you.


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