My party list

In meditation this morning I began visualizing all the incredible people I’ve spent time with the past couple of years at UHC.  As my mind traced each face I longed to be there, knowing how I can elevate my mood with each person.

Joke with Molly
Sing with Neil
Get silly with my mother
Dance for Rose
Converse with Myrna
Flirt with Bob
Ret wild with Anna (The self-proclaimed Wild Adirondack Woman)
read with Mac
Listen to Lilah
Look into Audrey’s eyes
Small talk with Myrtle
Read Lavender Ladies to Cora
Talk parenting with Kate
Emote with Doris
Make Junior’s day with my Mae West impression
Help Helen feel heard
Admire Alma’s grace

and on and on it goes. I have more friends than Carter’s has pills. ;-)

And I fondly remember
Flo, our adopted mother who outlived her husband and kids
Paul, who loved my mother for 26 years
Keitha, who kept things organized,
Sally, whose personal pain was palpable
Kay who was fine fine fine
MaryAnn who wanted nothing more than to be respected
Rainbow who kept things hopping
Anna, to whom I read mysteries
Helen B. who fed her doll real food
Harold who loved kitties
Evelyn who always thanked us profusely for entertaining her
Alec, who moved to Tennessee
Roy, who loved to dance
Al, who was my chicken wings and beer partner

The list goes on. This is, bar none, one of the richest times of my life.

Thank you.

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