Operation High Jump

Ageless-Sages is publishing its second Book for Elders! Operation High Jump: the diary of a young sailor follows Dick Miller, a 19 year old on an adventure of  a lifetime. Though now, at 83, he can’t understand why anyone would be interested in the often mundane comings and goings on Admiral Byrd’s Expedition to the Antarctic during WWII.

Here’s a sample entry:

January 8, 1947

We took the test this evening and it was a toughie. There were some questions I looked at with a blank stare such as define histerisis and paradoxas (I shot some bull but found out later that neither of them were right)

This is probably the last time I’ll be on a ship where there is an opening for Aerographers 3rd.

Mr. Oller (a LT. senior grade who was our weather officer aboard the ship) got on my fanny for eating too much and too often during working hours.  If I could get off watch to go to church maybe I would find out when Lent started so I could give up such stuff.

I’m getting real used to this life and it doesn’t bother me now.


Stayed tuned for the launch of this exciting, 80 page, 4 1/2 month adventure with Dick Miller and shipmates.
Order Operation Highjump by clicking here

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