Flo left her physical body yesterday.  Passing, transitioning, dying, however you view this time of life there is always a bittersweet moment in which to celebrate whatever awaits us at this point while feeling the sadness of missing a dear friend.

And dear she was, indeed.  It didn’t take her too long to label my sisters and I “rattleheads” when she saw how we, grown women for heaven’s sake, pranced and laughed and sang and did generally silly things that would get us thrown out of a more serious venue.  But United Helpers Nursing Home in Canton, NY mostly welcome our antics as do most of the residents.

Sharon, my eldest sister, was truly the “head” rattler, and Flo adored her.  Sharon would sit with Flo for hours talking, singing, being.  This was a special bond for Flo, who, outliving her husband and both her children, neither of whom had children of their own, adored the attention and connection and love.

I love you, Mama Flo.  Have an amazing time wherever you are!

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