Spa Day

Ingredients: Cosmetics, elders, foot bath, spa-ologists

Take 10-15 elder women, a few elder men to watch (heckle?), several people giving facials, foot rubs, etc., and put them together for 2 hours.

The most fascinating part of this process is remembering how important touch is to the human spirit. We get so caught up in procedure that we forget the simple yet powerful act of connecting. We can touch each other with our hands, our eyes, our hearts.

Rose is so receptive to the touch of my fingertips on her cheeks and she regularly lets out appreciative sighs.

Anna tells us the only problem with Spa Day is that it doesn’t happen often enough.

Nancy went from wanting to clear nail polish to feeling sexy with a soft azalea color.

And Bob and Alec are so intrigued with the process they can’t help but hover.

And I agree with Anna. Spa Day doesn’t happen enough.

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