Joan Anderson’s books were suggested to me by two different people, two days in a row. I take things like that as a sign that I being guided towards something.

Today I stopped by my town library and picked up her first two publications, A Year by the Sea and An Unfinished Marriage.  Immediately, I had a sense that the time I spend with elders is to be observed more closely, more profoundly, with more discernment. What are the lessons I’m extracting from my “Year with Elders”?

It’s easy.  It’s so easy to be with elders, even when it’s clearly not.  There is a grace and simplicity that draws me in, warms me up, thrills my soul.  The desire to see, touch, hear, connect is so strong I wonder why more people aren’t allowing themselves time to luxuriate in the accumulated experience of these loved ones.

What can I say or do to express the primal satisfaction one can experience by simply being in the presence of such reverence?  Or have I just lost my mind?

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