The Drama Stops Here

What might be more important than dramatizing Alzheimer’s and dementia is to learn to accept it. We want to treat it, beat it, wring our hands and gnash our teeth.

Of course, if that is what fulfills and inspires you, then that is clearly your path. I’m an advocate of always honoring who you are.

If, on the other hand, it does not, perhaps your approach is in seeing the  beauty and perfection that resides in all phases of life. This has been my message for several years, and a few weeks after my mother’s death,  having been up close and personal with dementia for the past 1o or so years, it’s not likely to change. I’ve gotten lots of flack from experts and others who prefer the other side, but I’ve also heard from many more people who are relieved by this perspective and can better relate to the phase of development approach.

Is it easy? No, not always. I’ve yet to find anything that is. But it is beautiful. And wonderful. There is an amazing opportunity to connect in relationship in a way that other phases simply will not allow.

If this does not resonate, that’s fine, there are lots and lots of resources for you. If it does, send me you stories of hope and renewal and insight. I’ll keep offering ways for you to stay in the spirit of upliftment. Together, we’ll continue to live, love and grow.

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