Time enough for love

Lavender Ladies was a huge hit at the nursing home this past weekend.

Upon reading about Turquoise Teenagers, Geri recalled how she didn’t date when she was a teen. “I was too tall, too smart and too skinny!”

Pat remembered one of her favorite chores as a child was hanging laundry on the line when she saw the illustration of the Pastel Parent doing wash.

Anna (aka Wild Adirondack Woman) smiled gleefully as she read the pages having to do with the freedom of being a child.

Roy wanted to help by exploring the pictures, letting me know which one his aging eyes could see clearly.

Midge and Fern loved that “the whole family” was in the book.

Cora simply ooh’ed and ah’ed and was pleased to be included.

These are the kinds of things I get to witness when I read to elders. Could I ever fully express just how joyous this is? If you have any doubt, I urge you to sit with an elder and engage in the simple activity of picture book sharing. Leave lots of silent space for the elder to fill with their recollections and insights.

The only time I feel sad when with elders is when it’s time to leave.


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