There is plenty of information available online for navigating the practicalities of everyday life with elders.  Where to look for housing, which nursing homes are most appropriate for your specific needs, how to care from home, etc. etc.

Through all these changes and challenges, there is a wonderful opportunity to redefine your relationship with your aging parents, relatives and friends.  After a lifetime of interactions, some patterns are more obvious than others.  You may replay the same scenario day after day without even realizing it!

Today, make a point of becoming aware of these habitual interactions.  The ones you judge good or bad or anywhere in between!  Resist the temptation to think the relationship dye has been caste, because if there is one thing we can change, it’s our perception.  And once we delve into the meaning of a changed perception, miracles in relationships happen!

So what would you like to see improve or enhance in your relationships with your elders?  Do you automatically become three years old around your Dad?  Does your Mom spend too much time critisizing you?  Are the same arguments and tensions played out over and over?

These are opportunities for you to attune to your own reactions.  What emotions emerge?  Do you feel sadness? Anger? Frustration? Hopelessness?  Where do you feel it in your body?  Does your stomach hurt, your chest feel heavy, your cheeks redden your throat close up?  Becoming aware of how you react is your first act of freedom.

For more information as to how to transcend some of the patterns, visit AskNatalie .

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