Which Sandwich Are You?

Are you pastrami on rye? Tuna melt? Hummus and sprouts?

If you’re part of the sandwich generation, someone caring for children or grandchildren while tending to the needs of aging parents, you’re no doubt redefining your everyday life.  Yes, of course there are challenges, as with any phase of life, however like any phase of life we can choose to see the problems or savor the myriad flavors.

When you think in terms your life’s flavor, what kind of sandwich best describes the taste?

I’m a post-Thanksgiving-Dagwood-Bumstead sandwich, better known in our family as the Uncle Ed special.  Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, Uncle Ed piles every leftover available inside a bulky roll and enjoys the blended flavors even more on the day after.

This sandwich signifies the rich complexities of all the relationships, responsibilities and obligations I choose to take on within my family.  My kids are the stuffing, the turkey and gravy, the tradition and stability of our life together.  The sauerkraut and cranberry sauce pinpoint the pungent and unique flavors that my mother, in her world of dementia, conjures.  Turnip and squash are the bittersweet flavors of the 26 years I’ve had a husband and in-laws and the gravy merges all the layers together, like my sisters and their families merge all my layers.

So what is your sandwich?

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