Why Spending Time with Elders Can Help You Improve


This morning I came across an article about relationships and our attachment to them. It discussed our conditioning when it comes to attaching ourselves to people.

As my mother grew into her nineties, she taught me, as she had learned herself over the years through her own loss of two spouses, the importance of how a faith greater than anything on earth, can help you be in relationships happily, healthily, without a needy dependence.

She did not teach me this by lecturing me, she did not even set out to teach me this. The way I learned this was by spending time with her, and observing her amazing grace.

Elders can have a subtle, gentle, powerful way of leading us and showing us a way to greater awareness. What it takes from us is an investment in our selves, recognizing the importance of learning at the feet of the ones that came before us.

This tradition has been lost, and I do believe contributes just some of the stress we see in our world today.

I cannot change the world’s attitudes by myself, or make anyone understand the importance of this tradition to humanity, but if you help me spread the word, and begin to practice this tradition yourself, together we can make a difference.

Peace out.

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