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 Beth Ann Miller is a writer, editor, and education administrator. She received her MFA in Writing from the University of New Hampshire and is recipient of the Lex Allen Literary Fiction prize.

With a strong background in higher education, youth leadership, and small-town journalism, she is passionate about helping people find their unique voice and giving voice to the unheard.

Focusing on fiction and creative non-fiction, her stories and essays are often influenced by her upbringing in New England, the people she meets on her travels, and the socioeconomic and cultural divides that are present but unspoken in her communities.

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(*When Dick attended Hamilton College, there were several of his dorm mates named Richard, aka Dick.  They drew straws for new nicknames, and he’s been Ric ever since)

After serving in the US Military, Ric earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Hamilton College in Clinton NY.  He went on to graduate school, married MaryAnn Scoones and began raising a family. He has four children, Michael, Peter, Paul and Mary Kathryn.

Ric went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Math Education from Syracuse University and his Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Washington, Seattle.  In 1956 he began teaching at Clarkson College, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Engineering Science. He retired from Clarkson in 1993.

Ric has always been civic minded, giving freely to his community and beyond.  He served the West Potsdam fire department for almost 40 years and in 2000, was honored as Fireman of the Year for St. Lawrence County in New York State.

He enjoys reading and learning about the Civil War and has visited Gettysburg and other Civil War sites several times.

An avid reader, Sudoku puzzle solver, coin collector, and other hobbies, Ric entertains his family and friends with stories, facts and information from his varied life experiences.

Known for his ability to recall song lyrics, Ric enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing.

Update: Ric passed away peacefully with his family by his side January 14th 2020.  His legacy lives on through the memories of his vivacious storytelling.





                                             Laura Harper Lake is an interdisciplinary artist, with a prime focus on painting, illustration, printmaking, and mixed media. She graduated with a degree in 

Studio Arts from Chester College of New England in 2007. Laura has exhibited her work in various New Hampshire, Maine, and Boston, MA galleries, as well as had her work included in local and regional publications.

Laura is a permanent artist represented at the Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery in Exeter, NH, and works under the name Artful Harper Studios (

 Laura is the co-host of Creative Guts (, a weekly podcast focused on the pursuit of creativity that is available on all major podcast platforms. Laura is also the graphic designer and a business advisor for the Regional Economic Development Center (, a non-profit focused on creating opportunities for small businesses in New Hampshire. 


Laura and her smoldering husband, Geoff, live in a quaint town in the NH seacoast with a plucky pup, named Max, and an omniscient feline, Rainer Maria.